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Too often our communication tools are not used as effectively as they could be. The result is information overload, lack of agility, and misdirected communications that delay decisions, slow down processes, drive customers away, and reduce productivity. Ineffective communications also result in missed revenue opportunities because businesses are not prepared to quickly react to market changes. Every customer interaction is  valuable. Everyone is more efficient when your entire office has the appropriate training on your system. All communications are more effective . This allows you to excel in today's fast-paced world and give you the agility your business needs to continuously innovate and quickly adapt.

Comtel is the areas only Samsung Authorized Dealer.  Partnering with Samsung and their telephone technologies allows us to offer top of the line digital phone systems for small to medium sized business. If you are interested in the benefits of a new Samsung digital telephone system please call us at (417) 581-7415  we can give you a complete quote that will fit your needs or answer any questions you may have about our products.

iDCS 16

  Samsung’s iDCS 16 is a cost-effective, feature-rich communications platform for your business.


iDCS 100

  Not only is the IP-Enabled iDCS 100 a robust and technologically advanced system available - it is also a smart choice for your companies bottom line.

  The iDCS 100 is as easy to use as it is efficient. Our single cabinet design is configured as a basic Key System Unit, and you can add either one of two expansion cabinets as your business needs require. Available in standard and IP-enabled configurations, the iDCS 100’s cutting edge networking capabilities link remote locations in to the main site as a part of an intergrated system.  Best of all, the iDCS 100 protects your initial investment by allowing you to reuse existing Samsung equipment and phones as your business grows.

  Fully featured with capabilities typically found in large business system, the iDCS 100 can support Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) trunking, Primary Rate Interface (PRI), Caller ID, Tenant Services, and so much more.  The SVMi voice processing platform adds advanced voicemail and Auto Attendant capabilities.  Add the OfficeServ Wireless mobility solution to free employees fro their desk or take advantage of the many OfficeServ applications, such as E-Mail Gateway that keeps in touch wherever you can recieve email.

  Simply put, the iDSC 100 offers power and control wothout sacrificing the freedom and flexibility your company requires. So powerful, its unlike any telephone system you have ever used before.


iDCS Series Keysets

  The bold iDCS keyset series is the perfect blend of design, functionality and style. iDCS keysets are another award winning result of Samsung’s $7.9 billion dollar commitment to research and development. These keysets feature the latest in DSP technology, external microphones, and a board room quality speakerphone. iDCS Keysets come standard with the Terminal Status Indicator, a bright, tri-color LED light that provides immediate visual status - even from across the room; an incredibly useful feature in today’s hectic office environment. Flexible and highly functional, the iDCS keysets support Samsung’s elite line of systems.  Additional features of the iDCS keysets include large, easy-to-use dial buttons, programmable keys, add-on modules for added flexibility, and either an analog or a digital daughterboard which doubles the capacity of station ports.  Samsung’s iDCS keysets are the higest quality telecommunications solution - the perfect unity of sight and sound for your business.


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