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Secure Off Site back-up

 Data Significance

The loss or corruption of critical information such as customer records, inventories, marketing and sales materials, financial or employee records could literally cripple an organization. Small businesses are typically the most vulnerable to data loss because they do not have the resources or technology to handle data storage and recovery properly or securely… which is the most critical aspect of a solid business continuity plan. Even larger businesses that allocate significant resources to IT, are vulnerable if they do not manage all of the data (including remote and mobile employee data) properly.
Are You Prepared? Only a small fraction of businesses or employees backup their critical data. Even fewer handle their backups properly or store them securely offsite. We all want to believe that data disaster will not happen to us. But statistics say it will. Accidents happen: natural disasters, human error, theft, viruses, hackers, power surges and equipment failure. Can you afford to risk the future of your business to data loss?

Typical Causes of Data Loss

44% - Hardware Failure Did you know: Most hard drive manufacturers only warrant their drives for 12 months?

30% - Human Error
Accidental file overwrite and/or deletion.

12% - Software Corruption
Programming errors, improper application termination, etc.

7% - Virus Attacks
Are you fully protected from the constant introduction of new viruses?

7% - Theft, Fire, Flood, or other natural disaster

The Solution

Now there’s a simple, cost-effective data backup and recovery solution that provides ultimate security, requires no additional hardware, gives you 24x7 access to your data from virtually anywhere, and does all of the work for you – automatically. With our Off Site Backup your critical data is backed-up regularly, automatically, efficiently, and securely to one of our data centers over the Internet. And you can retrieve your data just as easily and efficiently.





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