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Home CPU

  Our skilled technicians can also help your at your home. We can setup your wireless network and make sure it is secure.  If you are in the market for a new PC we can help you pick out a system that will workfor you and help set it up.  Maybe you are wanting a custom built PC for gaming? We can help design and build a PC just for you. If you have an existing sytem that is giving you trouble we can also take care of that as well.

  The Wireless network setup includes the configuration of up to 4 machines. Wireless security, simple file sharing, and printer sharing will all be configured if desired. The computers must use Windows XP or Mac OS X. If you need to purchase a wireless router or wireless USB cards we also can provide you with those.  If you are not sure with what you need please give us a call and we will be happy to advise you.

  New PC purchase? Comtel would be more than happy to come to your house and set it up for you. This includes:

  • Setting up the PC on your desk and neatly running the wires.
  • Configuring the setup options.
  • Fully updating the Windows software (Unfortunatly it is not this way out of the box)
  • Will install your printer, AntiVirus, and spyware programs (software not included)*
  • Perform system optimization - Make it run as fast as it can
  • Install 2 other software titles of your choice
  • Configure to the internet or existing network.**

*Protection software can be purchased from us for additional cost

Customer PC Design & Build

  Looking for a custom PC built just for you?  We can help you that best fit your needs and then build a PC from the ground up and load the Operating system.  These parts include:

  • Case
  • Motherboard
  • Power Supply
  • Ram modules
  • Video Card
  • Sound Card
  • ROM Drives
  • Hard Drives
  • Fans
  • Lights
  • Operating System (ie Windows XP)
  • Pretty much anything within reason

  *For an additional cost we will do the full PC setup so that includes all updates, optimization, Software installs, Antivirus protection, ect. Software cost are additional.

Full System Rebuild --

  Is your system infected with viruses and spyware? While it is possible to remove these objects it is virtually impossible to get the system to run like new again after these infection. Our recommendation is to start with a clean slate. The system rebuild includes:

  • Backing up your important documents and files. (10 GB worth)
  • Diagnosis of your Hard Drive and Ram to make sure they are healthy.**
  • Restore the system back to new in box state (Must have legal software)
  • Fully update the software
  • Perform system optimization
  • Load your printer, Antivirus, and spyware protections*
  • Load 2 additional software titles

*Protection software can be purchased from us for additional cost.

**If you do have faulty equipment you will only be obligated to pay for a daignosis fee or you can repair the faulty equipment for the cost of the part needed plus labor.  Call for details.


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