Your Communication and Technology Connection


Nothing could be more ordinary, or more essential. Whether Category 5 or Fiber Optic, no network can exist without cable. In some ways, it is as important as electrical wiring, yet more complex and sophisticated. Cabling is the backbone of your computer and telephone network. We have the tools, know-how, and experience to professionally install the cable for your business. You would not hire a plumber to work on your car; you should not hire an electrician to install your voice and data cable. We use high quality cable and ends so to prevent any faulty connections in the future. Everything will be neatly hidden the best that it can so you donít have a pile of messy wires.  We want you business to look as professional as possible. We also can provide you company with wall mounted racks for your network switches and other network equipment. If you need a quote or are having trouble with your existing cabling give us a call and we will be glad to help. 

Integrated Voice & Data  - COMTEL can enable customers of all sizes to integrate all their IT and communications systems thus offering a more cost effective and manageable system, with one point of contact for all cabling design, cabling installation, cable testing & certification and communications requirements.




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